Our mission at Social Outcomes Security is simple:

To provide high-quality services for our valued clients.

Our team goes above and beyond to cater to each project’s specific needs.

Through open communication and exceptional service, we understand the needs of our clients and tailor our service to meet their requirements.


The demand for ethical and socially conscious goods and services is growing rapidly.


SOS is the only social enterprise operating in Australia that offers ethically and socially conscious security services.


We employ ethically

You help the community by working with us!

Sam Giacomin - Director

Samuel Giacomin is a proficient leader in the security industry. He had dedicated over 20 years of his professional life to the industry, performing a multitude of roles, including general security services, crowd controlling, security management, to his current role as Founding Director of SOS Security. ​

Samuel Giacomin is a strong advocate for social justice and is passionate about diminishing, the over-representation of worker exploitation, that is widespread in the security industry. His inspiration to achieve equal opportunity originates from his previous employment experiences in the community and welfare sector. Through his altruistic desire to help those in need, he performed many roles including, individual support, counselling and case management, community development, training and education, personal development programs and mental health support.

Samuel Giacomin has also emulated a strong educational foundation and currently holds qualifications in both Bachelor of Arts Youth Affairs (RMIT University 2001) and Bachelor of Social Sciences - Social Work (Advanced Standing) (Latrobe University, 2007). ​

Additional to his educational and employment undertakings, he has also completed a Diploma - Workplace, Training and Assessment (TAE50111), which has enabled him to develop proficient skills and employment experience as a trainer, assessor and facilitator, teaching at numerous tertiary and higher educational institutions, namely Victoria University and Holmesglen Institute. 



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Damien Cornelli - Director 

Damien is a well skilled business development Director with over 15 years’ experience running various businesses globally across a number of categories within Imports and exports industry, Community and development sectors, and working together with government entities and local councils.


Damien is passionate about making a difference, and has worked with local communities to help upskill members of these communities so that they could find long term employment through their various industries of choice. 

Damien is extremely driven when it comes to servicing clients and making sure that his clients are 100% happy with the service they are receiving. 


Not only does Damien bring the skillset to help SOS grow as a company. But having worked in the space of helping previously disadvantaged communities globally, he also has the passion to help grow the awareness of Social procurement and social enterprises within the various business sectors.



SOS Security  are  proudly certified  by  Social  Traders as the only security company in Australia that is a social enterprise.

Social enterprises exist to drive social and environmental change and buying goods and services from them is the most effective means of breaking the cycle of disadvantage for thousands of Australians. Social Traders mission is to foster social enterprise growth by helping them unlock and access the buying power of the Government and private sectors, and we subscribe to their values in our day-to-day business.

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Registrations and Certifications

We are registered  with  the Australian  Security  Industry  Association. Established in 1969, the Australian Security Industry Association Ltd (ASIAL) is the national peak body for security organisations and professionals in Australia. ASIAL members account for approximately 85% of the Australian security industry. These comprise of small, medium and large sized operations, through to major users of security, across all sectors of the industry.


We are also Labour  Hire  Certified. 

SOS Security has a strong intent and purpose to add value and create a positive impact in  our  local  community. 

We  therefore  subscribe  to  the  Industry  Capability Network Victoria Ltd (ICN) and the Local Jobs first Initiative, aligning with the Victorian Industry Participation Policy, as well as the Australian Industry Participation Policy under the Australian Jobs Act.